Top Fastest-Growing Digital Agencies in Toronto

Toronto, located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario, is considered an important international trading center as it forms the border between Canada and the United States, as well as its access to Atlantic shipping. Innovation continuously shapes the city allowing it to become more ambitious and alive.

Toronto, home to some of the largest digital agencies in North America, is every marketer’s dream destination to work here. The creative and vibrant environment of this city and the various opportunities that it offers, shapes some of the brightest minds in the industry. Agencies in Toronto are heavily focused on the creative aspects of brands which is why they are so successful at incredibly successful ad campaigns for different companies.

The following list of the top digital agencies in Toronto was hand-selected based on creativity, results and highest-earning. Also, other factors that were considered when creating this list included user reviews, culture, awards, employee feedbacks and many more. Apart from the top and well-known marketing agencies in Toronto, this list also includes agencies that are currently on the rise to the top who are working with some of the largest, most well-known brands in the world and creating their digital marketing campaigns for them.

Digital Agencies in Toronto

Top Digital Agencies in Toronto

The following are just some of the leading companies in the field of digital marketing agencies, which include.

Square 2

Started in 2011, Square 2 decided to fill the missing link with marketing efforts to help grow a business by inbound sales. Square 2 will fill your sales funnel and optimize it to help you convert leads into actual paying customers. As one of North America’s top inbound sales and marketing agencies, Square 2 will take over your marketing department and focus on managing design, social media, content marketing, branding, and data analytics, essentially everything required for effective marketing and selling on the Internet.

Jump Factor

Jump Factor is a full-service marketing agency with a specialization in inbound demand generation and digital marketing strategies. The team at Jump Factor utilizes a special E4 process (expose, engage, enroll and enhance) throughout all their campaigns. This unique strategy is the single reason why this marketing agency was able to achieve such high ROIs for their ad campaigns, which is why they are included in this list.

  • Expose – the primary objective is to be exposed to the searching public in order to create initial contact
  • Engage – Here it is critical to creating “stickiness” with media and content that captures their attention
  • Enroll – Process of getting the visitor to opt-in or take some action that will bring them closer to your business
  • Enhance – Constant data analysis and feedback for ROI improvement

The Brit Agency

Previously known as Terry Marketing in 2012, now the Brit Agency in an inbound marketing consultancy created by CEO David Terry. The Brit Agency is a B2B inbound marketing agency, focused on HubSpot as its main inbound marketing automation platform. They partner with B2B businesses of all sizes to help grow their business due to their expert skills (certified), with lots of teamwork, years of experience and continuous experimentation of different strategies in order to ensure that every dollar is used to its fullest potential to help grow your business.


As a company that has been around for the past 15 years and has clients such as Rogers and Home Depot, Web4you is definitely a company that delivers results and has some very big clients. In terms of services, Web4you started with website development but over the years has progressed to digital marketing for companies to increase sales and online presence.

Equipped with a professional team of digital marketing strategists, content marketers,  social media experts and ads gurus, Web4you will help your startup/medium-large size business grow exponentially through effective marketing on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. by creating engaging ad campaigns which have shown high ROIs.

Digital Agencies in Toronto

Some of the services provided by Web4you include

  • Digital Marketing – the creation of a marketing roadmap for your business, centered around providing as much value to your consumers. This also includes paid marketing and email marketing services to help you grow exponentially.
  • Startup Marketing – creating strong digital presence and marketing strategies for them, helping startups to enter the market, find their niche and sell the idea.
  • Social Media Marketing – the creation of ad campaigns and content specific to your business and each social media platform to help you dominate your competition.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – We optimize your website based on Google’s most recent changes to their search algorithm in order for your business to rank on the 1st page of Google.

Kinex Media

Founded in 2008, Kinex Media, was the first agency to help businesses grow globally. They are one of the leading digital agencies in Canada with some of the world’s most renowned brands, specializing in website design and development, Magento e-commerce, SEO, SEM, and print.

Summing Up

To conclude, there are many digital marketing companies in Toronto, the ones mentioned in this article are one of the best. With more than 90% of consumers using their mobile phones more than 7 hours per day, understanding digital marketing and using it effectively can determine the success of a business.

Hiring a company to manage the marketing side of your business can free up time for you to focus more on your product and other aspects of your company.

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