Top Email Marketing Mistakes You Are Doing

Many companies believe that email marketing has become obsolete because of the many companies that send long and tiresome emails that barely get opened and never actually result in increased sales. Businesses believe that just by sending out emails about the latest deals/discounts that customers are going to click the email and purchase something, however, this is rarely ever the case. Since consumers are flooded with emails from various different companies trying to get a sale, the most important part of an email is the header, the first part that people read.

Email Marketing Mistakes

If it is anywhere close to the millions of emails that other businesses send out regularly, 90% of the time your email won’t even be opened. This is why we decided to create this article about the top mistakes when it comes to email marketing and email campaigns.

Too Many Words

Due to the number of emails sent out on a regular basis to customers, keeping your email short and concise is a way to stand out and to actually have someone read your email. Nowadays, emails are so long that people just open it, glimpse over the text and then delete it. As technology gets faster and information becomes more prevalent, the attention span of consumers is becoming shorter and shorter.

Consumers are more likely to react to something that is short and powerful, as it takes less energy to do so, compared to something long and time-consuming. This is why keeping your emails short, between 4 – 5 sentences, is the best strategy in terms of getting your customers to actually read what you have to say.

Email Marketing Mistakes

Pro tip: Creating an image might be better than writing something, as an image can say more than a thousand words. This, however, is going to be based on the business you are in and the type of customers that you have.

The Salesman Pitch

Customers can tell when they are being marketed to and whether or not someone is trying to get something from them, either a sale or an action that is going to help their company. This is considered the “Salesperson Pitch” where customers can tell the true intentions of someone just by listening or reading a few words. This is why it is important to not come off as a salesperson through your emails because if you do, most customers will simply delete the email and forget about it.

The key thing to remember when sending emails is to provide value to the customer. If your email is focused on trying to get a sale instead of providing useful advice/value to your customer, then you will essentially lose the customer for good and lose their respect.

Create emails that are not trying to sell anything to the customer, but rather they provide value to them. Once your customers realize that you are simply sending them emails about advice or tips that can help them, then they are more likely to open your emails more and actually purchase something from your store or business.

Now this type of email strategy does not lead to immediate results and it can be time-consuming, which is why so many businesses are not willing to do it, however, if done it can make your business grow exponentially. This does take time and it does require a lot of effort in terms of creating emails that provide value to customers, but once this is figured out and tested, you and your business will see a drastic growth in terms of sales and returning customers from your email marketing.

Email Marketing Mistakes

Stand Out

The key determining factor whether or not your email is going to get opened or not is based on the subject line of your email and the first sentence. As a consumer yourself, you have been flooded with emails from various companies and there are only a few that you actually opened, which was all due to the subject line. Creating a subject line that is different and stands out is the goal of email marketing. Finding a sentence or subject line that is going to work is all based on trial and error.

Here at Web4You, we tried subject lines from simple greetings “Hey (client’s name)” to urgent messages like “Your purchase was denied”. This is a long process that requires a lot of testing, but after a while, you eventually get a good idea of the types of subject lines or messages to write in an email that stands apart from other emails and actually gets a high open-rate.

Email Personalization

Now, this strategy might not be useful for a company that has a large mailing list, but email personalization (also email design) can be really helpful in landing long term clients. Creating an email that is personalized to a specific business, discussing their pros and cons and including first names can really help you as a company stand out and be more liked by the client. When it comes to large emailing lists, a tactic to make it more personalized is to include the first and last name of the customer you are sending it to.

Again, this one of those strategies that do take a little bit more time and effort to do, which is why not a lot of companies are not doing this. However, the potential of success from spending time doing this is far greater than any other email marketing strategy, as this actually makes the customer feel unique and more willing to spend time reading your email and potentially purchasing something from your business.


In conclusion, there is still a lot of potential associated with email marketing, if done correctly. When it comes to anything, the more time you put towards something, the more it will grow, similarly the same is true for email marketing. It can be a tedious process, with no actual results in the beginning but later on, it can be the reason why your business grows exponentially. Since there is a lot of trial and error associated with email marketing, sometimes it can be best to hire a company that has already gone through a similar process with countless other companies and therefore can guarantee you specific results based on an email marketing strategy that already works, such as us here at Web4you.

We have been doing email marketing for the past 15 years and we have perfected our strategy to help countless different businesses increase sales and get a high number of returning customers. At Web4you, we understand that creating unique, value-driven emails can be difficult and so we have a full team of writers and content creators all here to help create the perfect emails for you and your business. This is also why we are considered one of the best email marketing companies in all of Toronto. If you are interested in our email marketing services feel free to send us an email at

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