Top Digital Marketing Tips for Small Business in 2022

Marketing for small businesses has changed significantly over the previous decade. Consumers are turning towards online resources to get their information about products, read reviews and eventually purchase from online. A large part of remaining competitive as a small business in the digital marketing industry is learning to harness the power of the internet, which is why we created this list of the top digital marketing strategies for small businesses.

1. Implement User Experience (UX) Design Strategy

With a majority of companies focused on search engine optimization, it is common to forget about user experience. Making sure your site is visible to your users and that you are ranking high on search engine results is important, but once you get a visitor onto your site, keeping them there and making sure they return again is a different hurdle. User experience (UX) focuses on how users interact with your site, in terms of what they are looking at, the images, functionality and overall user experience.

2. Employ Organic SEO Strategies

Increasing organic SEO traffic is an affordable and highly effective marketing strategy for small businesses. While there are many ways to enhance SEO traffic, implementing high-ranking keywords is one of the top practices. Google has shifted to strategically rewording content that addresses keyword intent. It is crucial to review the search engine results pages (SERPs) to evaluate how certain phrases are ranking. The best practice is to use the high-ranking keywords in an organic way, such as creating blog posts related to them, as this practice will not jeopardize the quality of your content.

Digital Marketing

3. Optimize Social Media

Nowadays, if you are not on social media, you are essentially not in business. Since everyone is glued to their smartphones, it is crucial that you establish your business on social media platforms. To begin, you must determine which platform your target audience spends the majority of their time on (such as Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). After you have established which social media platform is the best for your business and is where your main target audience spends their time, then it is now time to create relevant content for that platform.

4. Try out Facebook Ads

It has been proven over many different times that Facebook ads are the best for any sized businesses, they are inexpensive, targeted and effective. Facebook Ads Manager is a great management tool that Facebook provides for free to help you create more engaging ads and improve targeting of your ads in order to make sure that they are being seen by the right target audience.

Though creating an ad and getting it live is easy, making an ad effective at driving traffic or increasing sales for your business can be difficult as there is a lot of split testing that must be carried out before in order to determine the best ads that your target audience is likely going to engage with.

This is why we recommend finding a marketing agency to overcome this hurdle for you, instead of yourself going through the pain of trying to figure it out for yourself and also wasting money during the midst of it. Here at Web4you, we have been creating Facebook ads for a variety of different businesses and have perfected our skills to drive traffic and increase sales for any business.

Digital Marketing

5. Quality over Quantity!

When getting started on social media, most businesses believe that posting more will increase engagement and drive sales. Though there is some truth in that saying, the caveat is that the posts created should be engaging. Quality is always going to be more important than quantity. Users are more likely to engage with content that is relevant and that provides them with useful information. This practice also helps you rank higher in terms of SEO as well, given that your users are engaging with your content and that you provide useful information with your posts on social media platforms.

6. Introduce Video Content

In a competitive business landscape, you must be creating content on all platforms and of all different types, as a way to stand out and not fall behind. Video content is one of the best content you can create for your business, as it becomes a lot more personable when there is a face you can associate with a certain business, as well as it is a great method to elicit an emotional response from your viewers. This allows for a much more accessible, and easy-to-consume way to convey a message that may be at risk of getting lost on your webpage otherwise. As well, more media platforms mean more reach and introducing video content is more likely to encourage social shareability.

7. Monitor your Online Reputation

Bad reviews or articles that are saying negative things about your business can drastically impact that thought of your customers and can limit your ability to grow your business and get more sales. More likely than not, your customers are going to go online and research reviews about your business before they purchase a product or service from you.

Because of this, it is essential that you are constantly monitoring what other companies or reviews you are getting from others about your business. Make sure you respond to negative reviews in a positive manner, to show others that you are a well-established business that always puts their customers first, this will increase your likelihood of getting more traffic and increasing sales for your business.

8. Develop Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies available as a majority of consumers and business buyers are still checking their emails on a regular basis. By creating a monthly email newsletter, your business will be more likely to reach your potential buyers. When introducing email marketing for your business, avoid buying email lists and instead, strive to build your audience organically using these top 10 tips. Buying an email list puts you at risk of ruining the reputation of your business, coming across as a scammer to email recipients and likely dealing with a severely poor response rate.

9. Research Competitors and Differentiate yourself

Unless you are a business with a completely new product or service that has no competitors, you must invest time into researching your competitors and seeing what they are doing. This will give you ideas on how to better market your product/services and it will give you the advantage of creating something that stands out from your competitors. The most important thing that you can do is differentiate yourself from your competitors, this can be in terms of how you engage with your followers on social media, how you market your product or even how you have designed your website.

In conclusion, there are many different marketing tips to help promote small businesses and perform startup marketing. However, the most important point that was not listed is actually implementing the tips that were mentioned as opposed to simply reading upon them. Sometimes creating a marketing plan for your startup or small business can be a daunting task as there is a lot involved.

This is why we recommend hiring professionals to manage the marketing side of your business for you and leave the important part of running your business to yourself. As mentioned before in this article, we offer a variety of different services here at Web4you, including creating and implementing a marketing plan that is unique to you and your business. Be sure to check out Web4You on DesignRush’s legal marketing list!

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