Startup Marketing

Marketing is essential for any business that aims to succeed. However, it seems to be even more important for every startup. Before creating the startup you should think of what problems does it resolve, what industries and segments might be interested in your idea and how to promote and sell it to the end-user.

Unfortunately, many perspective startups close after they are created. Why? They simply never thought about marketing.

At Web4You we have decent experience in working with startups, creating strong digital presence and marketing strategies for them, helping startups to enter the market, find their niche and sell the idea. Also, we know how to create a buzz around your crowdfunding campaign, boost awareness of your product or service and attract more investors.

Since every startup is unique, we realize, that marketing for startups should be done based on a custom approach.

Startup Marketing

We start from the market research and competitor analysis, segments and buyer persona creation, deciding on the marketing strategy depending on the life cycle of your startup, your current goals, and needs, budget.

We have a lot of experience in creating marketing roadmaps and marketing plans for blogs, social media pages, email marketing plans and plans for online ads, running campaigns and reaching KPIs. All these marketing efforts are custom and unique for each startup.

We launch and run campaigns in order to boost awareness about your startup, grow sales, attract users, grow networking and social media pages, reach out to influencers and industry leaders. We analyze, adjust and continue performing vigorous marketing campaigns. 

Through marketing we get your startup in front of your target audience or potential investors, depending on what stage you are in with your startup. Discussing a client’s startup and creating a custom marketing plan for each client is the key to our incredible results and our satisfied clients.


  • Marketing kickoff meeting
  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Market analysis
  • Creation of the buyer’s persona
  • Creation of the marketing strategy
  • Creation of the marketing roadmap
  • Creation of the digital presence
  • Creation of the marketing plans
  • Implementation of the marketing plans
  • Running marketing campaigns
  • Tracking on the performance
  • Reporting

Crowdfunding Marketing

Crowdfunding can be the sole reason for certain startups to become overnight success stories if done correctly. We have worked on crowdfunding campaigns for both startups on both Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms with amazing success.

Our goal is to create your product a viral sensation, by using trends and clever marketing techniques.  

We will work on your branding, positioning and marketing message.

We are going to establish your digital presence and plan marketing activities to create a buzz around your crowdfunding campaign.


  • Value and message creation
  • Content for startup page
  • Visual materials for startup page
  • Landing page creation
  • Content for landing page
  • Online store 
  • Social media pages 
  • Content for social media pages
  • List of influencers
  • List of focused media
  • Email campaign
  • Online ads campaign

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