Quality Age Build

Website re-design


Quality Age Build, a family-operated construction company in Toronto, partnered with Web4You to overhaul their existing website. The objective was to create a more user-friendly, visually appealing, and comprehensive online presence that effectively showcases their wide range of construction and waterproofing services. The goal was to not only reflect the company’s commitment to quality and client-centric service but also to improve user engagement and conversion rates.


  • Outdated website design: The original website did not align with modern design standards, which affected user engagement and brand perception.
  • Poor user experience: Navigation difficulties and inadequate information architecture made it challenging for visitors to find specific services or understand the full scope of Quality Age Build’s offerings.
  • Lack of service details: Each service, such as underpinning, waterproofing, and excavation, lacked extensive descriptions and visual information required to educate and convert potential customers.


Modern, responsive design

Web4You launched a responsive layout together with a clean, modern style to guarantee a smooth surfing experience on any device.

Improved navigation and structure

Web4You completely redesigned the site’s architecture to provide users with a more seamless experience and easy access to information, allowing them to switch between services and locate information more quickly.

Detailed service pages

To showcase the experience and results of Quality Age Build’s work, each service was assigned a separate page that was enhanced with detailed descriptions, high quality images, and case studies.

Optimized lead generation tools

To improve user engagement and raise inquiry rates, integrated strong lead collection forms, obvious call-to-action buttons, and an intuitive contact area.



Increase in average session duration


Lower bounce rate


Increase in lead generation


Increase in website traffic

We Organized It!

Before the redesign, Quality Age Build’s website was cluttered and difficult to navigate, making it challenging for users to find the services they needed. The outdated design and dense content layout hindered user engagement.

We Improved It!

Web4You’s redesign introduced a clean, modern aesthetic with structured navigation, enhancing the overall user experience. Services are now clearly categorized, with concise, focused descriptions that highlight key offerings.