Meadowlarke Stables

Website re-design


Meadowlarke Stables North collaborated with Web4You to transform their outdated website into a more engaging and user-friendly digital platform. They faced issues with frequent crashes and a complex backend that complicated updates. Their goal was to create a visually appealing site that improved user experience and streamlined operations, allowing them to focus more on delivering exceptional equestrian services.


  • Outdated Website Design: Meadowlarke Stables North was grappling with a website that regularly crashed and had sluggish performance, which hampered user engagement and created a frustrating browsing experience.
  • Complex Backend Operations: Updating the site was a technical headache, requiring coding skills that the Meadowlarke team lacked, making content updates a daunting task.
  • Ineffective Communication Tools: Their form submission process was unreliable, often leading to lost inquiries and resulting in a confusing communication flow between the business and its clients.


Modern website redesign

Implemented the latest version of WordPress to provide a stable and scalable foundation, enhancing site reliability and performance.

Plugin optimization

Replaced outdated plugins with modern, efficient ones to ensure smooth site functionality and improve overall security.

E-commerce integration

Integrated WooCommerce to streamline the handling of products and services, making transactions smoother and more reliable.

User-friendly content management

Introduced a visual builder tool, enabling the Meadowlarke team to update their website easily without needing technical expertise.

Digital waiver sign feature

Added a new feature for digital waiver signing to reduce paperwork and streamline the administrative process for customers.



Reduction in website update and management time


Increase in average session duration on the website


Increase in online bookings and purchases


Reduction in faulty form submissions

We Organized It!

Meadowlarke Stables¬† faced a website cluttered with excessive text and a confusing layout, making it difficult for visitors to quickly find the information they needed about equestrian services and events. The site’s outdated design and inefficient navigation system led to a frustrating user experience, where key details about services and booking processes were hard to locate.

We Improved It!

Web4You focused on simplifying the user journey by clearly categorizing services and integrating an intuitive navigation system. By implementing a visually appealing design, we ensured that visitors could effortlessly explore various equestrian offerings.