Inventory Ordering



The project’s goal was to completely revamp the network inventory management system of a significant Canadian media and technology company. It addressed the tedious and time-consuming processes involved in tracking Network Inventory Orders, managing bulk orders, and making necessary adjustments or cancellations to orders.

The customer aimed to enhance efficiency and customer service by optimizing these operations, which would ultimately give them a competitive advantage in the market.


The client faced various difficulties in overseeing their network inventory

  • Bulk order placement and management was a tedious, slow process.
    Monitoring inventory orders and identifying those that might not be filled on schedule proved to be challenging.
  • The lack of flexibility in the current system made it difficult to change or cancel orders, which could cause delays in order fulfillment and have a negative effect on operations and customer service.


The client and Web4You worked together to deploy a new system that was intended to simplify interactions and operations associated with network inventory management.

Bulk order placement

Made it possible for material requestors to efficiently place bulk orders.

Resupply project inventories

Allows order placement associated with a particular project.

The recommendation logic

Provided up-to-date stock level information to help with decision-making.

Status inquiry

Provided flexibility to adjust or cancel orders as needed.

Modification and cancellation of orders

Provided up-to-date stock level information to help with decision-making.

Dashboards and reporting

Delivered insights into performance metrics for continuous improvement.



Improvement in order management accuracy


Increase in order fulfillment efficiency


Increased productivity in inventory management


Improvement in resource utilization