Animal Control

Custom Development


Web4You has successfully developed a robust farm management software for HealthyFarm, aimed at revolutionizing agricultural processes through advanced technology solutions that optimize efficiency and reduce operational costs.


  • Technology Integration: Upgrading traditional farm systems to support advanced, scalable technology.
  • Operational Efficiency: Reducing costs while enhancing productivity and management efficiency.
  • Data Utilization: Improving the accuracy and utility of farm data for better decision-making.


Dashboard with full overview

Developed a comprehensive main panel displaying essential metrics for animal species by their colonies. The dashboard allows users to track animal capacity, clinical case overviews, and mortality percentage. It also includes monitoring by sex, behavioral tendencies, and treatment plans.

Medical records

Implemented a system for tracking individual animal medications, doses, and treatment frequencies. This feature allows farmers to monitor the health state of each animal throughout its medical journey

Order Monitoring

Created a platform to help admins plan and generate detailed reports about each farm member. This includes presenting health reports to prospective customers, facilitating efficient sale management.



Operational costs reduced


Increase in farm productivity


Enhancement in decision-making accuracy


Increase in health monitoring accuracy