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Past History

Car lifts project was assigned to Web4You in July 2018. Generating leads for a car lift website is tough and demands a different approach. The starting point of good SEO is a quality website. The particular website was developed by Web4You just a few months before starting SEO.

Keyword Analysis

Finding the appropriate keywords in relevance to the industry is important. For proper site optimization, we found important keywords and incorporated them into the copy, titles, headers, and other elements as well as optimized the images. We also worked on making sure that the site has a fast loading time.

The process:

Month 1

  • On Site Analysis
  • Technical issues fixed
  • Fixing crawl and server errors
  • Proper Page review
  • Performance Optimization

Month 2

  • Off Site Optimization
  • Posting Blogs each week
  • Updating Articles on Regular basis

Month 3

  • Off Site Optimization
  • Analysis with different tools continues



After 6 months, most of selected keywords prompted the car lifts company onto the first few pages of Google search. The number of visitors who revisited the site also increased, thanks to the increased quality of leads.

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