Magento Development: Trends to Watch in 2020

First released in 2007, Magento has developed an outstanding reputation as one of the most popular e-commerce platforms over the years for enterprise brands. Currently, there are 230,000 live stores running on Magento with the platform being used by 18% of the top million websites with the most traffic on the internet.

Although there are several different types of online e-commerce platforms, Magento is a preferred choice of several developers and business owners worldwide. As it comes with a lot of advanced features, it is a trusted choice of several users. If you want to build an effective feature-rich and converting website, you need to look for the best Magento developers to help optimize your store and get the best value for your money.

The following list discusses the trends in Magento development in 2020 and how if you adopt these changes into your business, it can help it grow drastically.

1. Include AI and Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence is becoming widely accepted and used across many different platforms and services. AI and chatbots have been drastically increasing the growth of many e-commerce based businesses. Those that are using this technology are not only collecting valuable information about their customers, but they are saving money and time with the aid of automation.

AI allows brands to collect valuable information about their main target market and helps in delivering a personalized shopping experience to each customer. This revolution has drastically increased the growth of the e-commerce sector.

2. Personalized Experiences

“Modern customers expect personalization while shopping online“.

As e-commerce is a highly competitive field, you need to focus on delivering unique personalized experiences to the end-users. Magento eCommerce stores can create customer-specific discounts and coupons to pull the attention of a lot of users. This personalization feature can make the difference between getting 10 sales and getting 1000 sales. Using AI and machine learning can help you determine what ads and campaigns are working best and what is your ideal customer.

An example of a more personalized shopping experience could be sending emails or SMS notifications to users based on their shopping trends. Push notifications are a hot trend these days that track the users’ activities and send alerts to urge them to buy products and services.

Here at Web4you, our team of Magento web developers can integrate machine learning and AI software in the backend of your website in order for you to easily track, monitor and then create customized promotions for all the different types of customers that are visiting your website. We are in the top Magento developers in Canada according to Clutch rating.

Magento Development: Trends to Watch in 2020

3. Smarter Organic Searches

There is still more to do, you cannot just sit back and wait for sales. You will have to make your website rank higher in Google and other search engines. As well as providing a smart search feature will help your customers find what they are looking for. The smart search feature will continue dominating e-commerce websites in 2020.

4. High-Quality Images With Awesome Content

No matter how beautiful your website may be, you cannot generate results without good content and product images. So, it is important to create user-centric content to increase your conversion rate.

You can hire a professional photographer or click images of products from different angles to help the interested buyers understand exactly what it looks like. You can also use videos of products to improve your online sales.

5. Social Selling

Social selling was one of the most popular Magento e-commerce trends last year and we expect it to increase drastically in 2019 as well. Large e-commerce companies are using social media platforms to sell their products quickly. You can also promote your products on social media and use paid advertising to earn more revenues for your e-commerce business.

Magento Development: Trends to Watch in 2020

6. Push Notifications

Pop-ups and push notifications are a great way to increase your user base. You can send personalized messages to a specific group of customers and potential clients.

Studies have shown that push notifications can exponentially increase the sales a company is receiving. This is another task that you can get certified Magento developers to help implement into your online e-commerce stores, allowing you to control when and how frequent these push notifications show up while a customer is visiting your website.

7. Voice Input Technologies

As voice technology becomes widely spread through the use of new technologies such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, it is important to make your products searchable with voice input methods. Voice searches is one of the latest trends and is expected to flourish in the upcoming years as well.


In conclusion, there are many latest trends happening in 2020 that if you get accustomed to, adopt and then cater to the population’s needs, then you will become successful. Also, there are three main ways to make more money in your business, that is to increase your sales, turn your current customers to repeat customers, and offer a product or service at a higher price. All three of these can be optimized by having different additional features in your store such as push notifications, up-selling extra products, and product packages.

To start growing your business and getting more sales, reach out to our Magento developers here at Web4you to get a personalized report about the additional features and trends that you can include in your business to help it grow exponentially. You can reach us through our contact form.

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