How to Market your startup? 5 Steps to Startup Marketing in 2020

Though every startup founder dreams about overnight success, the majority still have to work hard in order to get their name out there. It requires a bunch of sweat, luck and good marketing. Let’s face the truth, not every startup is VC backed. In other words, it is understandable that the majority of arising startups can’t afford marketing teams and expensive, though efficient, marketing solutions. Still, there are numerous things you might do to get your marketing moving in the right direction.

Best ways for startup marketing

Check out the tips below in order to create your marketing plan and start the promotion of your product/service.

Influencer marketing

Engagement with influencers in order to promote the idea of your business and spread it among people is becoming more and more popular. By the way, influencer marketing is listed in the top marketing trends of 2020. So, how can you use this channel to boost awareness of your startup?

Startup marketing

A good idea is to start building a network with influencers in your niche. Communicate with industry thought leaders, offer them value, keep in touch with them and try to prompt them to become your brand voice. This will contribute to your startup marketing strategy.

Email marketing

Obviously, you might not have a huge list of subscribers yet, so it’s time to create one and to interact with those, who already showed interest in your startup. Let’s think, how can you perform a successful email marketing campaign?  In order to grow your list of customers’ emails, you need to create a landing page and opt-in form. This will provide people with the opportunity to leave their contacts for receiving updates from your side.

Another ingenious idea is to offer your potential customers incentives for their contacts, for example, a discount. Additionally, you may consider running a contest and ask participants to leave their email.

As soon as you have started a collection of emails, create CRM. Write down all the possible information about every potential customer. This will help you to identify the best channel to connect them with and create relevant messages tailored to every customer.

Content marketing

Content is king. It usually helps businesses to drive organic traffic to their websites simply by providing readers with valuable information. Before starting your own blog, check how to create a content strategy, how to come up with spectacular content ideas for your blog and ultimately, how to properly measure results your content marketing delivers.

Startup marketing

Besides your own blog, you may also publish useful articles in other, industry-related blogs, in order to attract readers’ attention, promote your startup and grow the number of your backlinks for better SEO. This is called a guest posting. The major thing to pay attention to is the authority level of the website you want to write for and the relevancy of their audience to your business.

Online directories

Another way to get as many backlinks as possible along with publishing information about your business is an online directory. Here is the list of directories that might be interested in publishing information about your startup.

  1. HackerNews
  2. TechCrunch
  3. Mashable
  4. KillerStartup
  5. SpringWise
  6. CrunchBase

Social media marketing

Social media is another great channel that might be used for boosting brand awareness, engaging and delighting potential customers. Although, there a several major social media platforms, each of them has its particular patterns.

Startup marketing

For instance, LinkedIn and Twitter are good for B2B promotion, while Facebook works better for B2C. Instagram and Pinterest are usually utilized for products that have a distinct visual presence and can attract attention simply due to their appearance.

Wrapping up

In essence, you can promote your startup using one of these channels, or engage all of them. The most important thing is to always measure your results, analyze and adjust your actions. Although, basic marketing steps you can take by yourself, it is always a good idea to consult with an experienced marketing manager who can direct your marketing strategy in the right way.

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