Google Ads

Google Ads Search Network

● This includes a variety of ad campaigns across Google’s Search network.

● These ads will be seen by users who are directly searching for your product/service.

● Through the creation of several ad-copies for different search opportunities, we will provide a diversified portfolio of ad groups.

● By using a keyword analysis we will be able to cut down your target audience to users who have a high chance of clicking on your ad.

● Through a budget optimization strategy, low performing ad-copies will be disabled and their PPC budget will be re-allocated to higher performing ads.

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Display network

Shopping Ads

These ads will show users an advertised product from your website therefore only attracting qualified leads who understand the product you are selling. By utilizing keywords for these ads we can optimize sales for specific products across Google’s ad channels.

Remarketing Ads

Google’s ad remarketing system allows for high scale user retargeting and tracking. We will be able to track users who have once visited your website through Google’s search and display networks. We can also translate these ads into a retention campaign in an effort to retarget past clients.

Banner Display Ads

We specialize in creating custom banners for Google’s display team. These banners distinctively look like ads in order to direct a user’s attention towards specific calls to action. These ads can work well with a variety of conversion campaigns.

YouTube Ads

By optimizing keywords and video categories, we are able to present YouTube ads to relevant audiences. These ads can vary from display ads to video ads, depending on what is required by your campaign requirements.

Conversions Tracking

By leveraging Google Ads, Analytics, and Tag Manager, we are able to precisely track any traffic generated by paid and/or organic users. Specific events, triggers, and actions can be measured and monitored in order to re-evaluate campaign strategy allowing us to adjust accordingly.


  • By creating a keyword report we are able to generate a estimated cost per bid of the campaign.
  • This will also allow us to estimate how much traffic the campaign will generate per your budget.
  • We will begin a competitive analysis of ad copies pertaining to keywords in your industry.
  • These negative keywords will be added along with demographic targets to optimize traffic quality.


The foundation of the campaign is most definitely the strategy phase. This phase will focus on determining how keywords will correlate with different ad groups. By adding unique differences to different ad groups, we will show users the value that you offer. Our strategy will focus on grabbing user attention through either search or display ads. If you have a product that you are looking to sell, our strategy may lean towards Google Shopping Ads.


Optimization is an important factor when it comes to forecasting performance. We focus on several different methods of Google Ad optimization. First, we ensure that all keywords are performing as expected which means disabling low performing ones. Next, once Google Analytics is attached we will use in-market segments to achieve optimal lead quality. Only exact keywords will be used for this. Finally, we will focus on useful metrics such as impression to conversion ratio which when altered can stretch a budget.

Ad Copy

Google Ad copy is different from other paid campaigns and blogs. You must write ads that have a mix of the keywords you have selected. You should add your keyword in the following URL slug, Headline 1, Description 1, and make you have a Call To Action in your description. Make your ad copy specific and brief.


The most satisfying step, the report generation phase. Not only will we analyze the overall performance of the campaign itself, It also analyzes how much revenue the website has created. The information will serve to further campaign performance in future attempts by providing accurate Clicks, CPC, and Cost.