Facebook and Instagram Ads

Cold Funnel Ads (Interests)

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Using Facebook’s interest system, we can create campaigns that target users whose interests specifically line up with that of your target audience. This is done through the creation of multiple ad sets, custom design work, and a campaign management timeline.

Retargeting Ads

By focusing on using a warm audience, past users can be retargeted with new or pre-existing campaigns. This is done through a similar approach to cold funnel ads however retargeted users are more likely to follow through on leads, conversions, and brand awareness campaigns.

Look-A-Like Ads

Through a custom ad audience on Facebook you are able to create look-a-like audiences that share extremely similar characteristics to that of a previously recorded audience. Several of these audiences can be targeted and by using different ad sets we can optimize overall campaign efficiency.

Pixel Management, Events Tracking

With the Facebook Pixel, audiences can be tracked at a much higher rate. This opens up an opportunity to leverage this data for future campaigns while seeing if there are any inefficiencies on your website. We are also able to track specific events on websites such as form submissions and page paths which allow for a better idea of what is performing well on your website.


Analyzing interests and creating a custom audience
Create a custom campaign based on what your company will be offering
Use look-a-like campaigns to find new target audiences
Find and analyze competitor posts


Once the basics of the campaign are created it is important to consider your strategy moving forward. There are two methods that are widely used in the Facebook ad space which are: optimizing budget, and optimizing traffic. To select one of those options we will keep in mind what your end goal is such as sales, traffic, or brand awareness. This will be the foundation for the performance and future of the campaign.


There are several methods that we use to optimize facebook ad performance. First, it is pivotal that we connect the facebook pixel to your website for data collection and user analysis. This opens up new possibilities for future remarketing. Second, we are experts in bid adjustments meaning we keep a constant watch over ad group budgets and reallocate based on performance. The third is through A/B testing which is used to determine the optimal ad sets.

Ad Copy

Our Facebook ad copy is second to none with custom design work offered and the creation of many variations. We mirror user objectives with custom variations in each design. By translating images into value and catching user attention with a single read we care able to craft attractive ad copy alternatives.


The final and most enjoyable step, the report generation phase. Not only will we analyze the overall performance of the campaign itself, we will analyze how it affected your website overall. The information will serve to further campaign performance in future attempts by providing accurate ROI, CPC, and CTR.