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In today’s age of the internet revolution, no business figure can grow the brand image without having a solid digital presence. By that, we mean not only the online presence of the brand but also reaching to the cold audience to convert them into paying customers. So, Instagram marketing and Facebook ads play a crucial role in lead generation for your business website.

So, why not seek help from the sales funnel for your Facebook and Instagram ads? Understanding how this cold funnel works will help you visualize your clients’ journey from basic awareness to conversion. Also, the sales funnel gives a useful structure through which you will analyze the dynamics of your business and spot points of improvement.

Read the article down below to learn the step-by-step procedure to create a Facebook and Instagram sales funnel.


How to create Facebook sales funnel?

Facebook is the largest social media networking platform with about 3 billion monthly active users. So, you cannot ignore this digital platform if you want to target a huge number of your targeted audience at once. Let’s begin to understand the making of the sales funnel to use the Facebook ads for as much lead generation as you can.


Determine your target audience

First, define who your target audience is. It will help you in customizing your content according to the preferences of your target audience. Resultantly, this customized content has a higher potential to create interest and convert customers.


Generate High-Quality Content

Content is the basic determinant of the success of any sales or marketing campaign. Facebook sales funnel no different.

It would be best to collaborate with your social media marketing team to build awesome content that attracts your potential clients. So, invest as much time and effort as possible to build high-quality content to attract your targeted audience. Figure out a more effective; slideshow, video image, or blog post and make a relevant interaction with your audience.


Leverage your Facebook ads to widen the reach

Once you start to get audience retention on your marketing content, you should leverage Facebook ads to speed up your engagement and reach even more. Video is the one of the best mediums as it is becoming increasingly popular these days, and various researchers anticipate the same.


Content Remarketing

If you want to warm up your cold audience, you cannot miss content remarketing.

Content remarketing exposes your brand multiple times to your targeted audience. This is the best way to increase your brand awareness. And why not? You cannot expect your audience to engage with your lead-generating content the first time they see it.

Facebook remarketing for your brand can go with any of the following ways:

  • Custom combinations
  • Web page visits
  • Watching your videos
  • Event interactions
  • Website visits
  • Engagement

Resultantly, the more frequent interaction of your audience with your brand will lead to conversions. What else could you look for?


Promote to Lookalike Audiences

Among the best features of Facebook is the lookalike audience. Through this promising feature, you can interact with an audience that is identical to your recent audience.

Interestingly, Facebook generates your lookalike audience by itself when you introduce it to an audience source. This audience source can be a custom audience, a Facebook page visitor, or even a Facebook Pixel.

In addition, you get to select a location and choose the population percentage you are willing to reach for your lookalike audience. If you want to proceed with this feature, seek help from the audience section in Facebook Ads Manager.


Engage your audience wisely

Another important consideration in this matter is to bear in mind before making your Facebook sales funnel is to engage your audience in the mode of communication they prefer. Messaging apps are becoming increasingly popular in this regard.

Also, be there for your visitors always. Respond to their messages, comments and solve their issues as rapidly as possible to gain their trust and improve your credibility. Why will they buy from you if you fail to develop a trustworthy interaction with your potential buyers?

To assist you to interact with your audience frequently, you can use the relevant Facebook features such as Instant Replies and Facebook Saved Replies.

Offer discounts for the purchase

Once you have established a warm audience, you need to lure them into buying your products. One of the ways to do so is via making posts that lead your potential clients to your product page. And yes, don’t forget to add offers and discounts to your posts. Also, you can use their fear of missing out on your products by providing them with limited time offers.


Do optimization for mobile

There is no rocket science in understanding that users rely on mobile devices to search and buy products. To provide your potential buyers with a pleasant user experience, ensure the mobile optimization of every page of your business website. Without doing so, you will be missing out on a huge chunk of the audience actively searching for products to purchase with the help of mobile devices.

Work on audience retention

The final step of your Facebook sales funnels is to ensure that your clients remain loyal to your brand. The different ways to achieve this objective include the following:

  • Referral programs
  • Upselling
  • Repeat purchases

With the right campaign, you can entice them to recommend your products to others by informing them about the referral program and its advantages on Facebook.


How to create Instagram sales funnel?

The process and objective of making Instagram sales funnel are no different than that of Facebook. For creating an Instagram funnel, you need to follow the steps that follow:

  • Make your customer funnel by keeping in mind the Instagram user behavior.
  • For top-of-funnel ads, select the engagement target for the Instagram ads.
  • For middle-of-funnel ads, select the lead generation or traffic objective
  • Invest in engagement audiences for Instagram funnel retargeting.

Facebook Ad Placement

By following the steps and tactics described above, you will make an effective ads funnel on Facebook and Instagram. Follow these effortless steps and watch your brand grow speedily than ever! To learn about how Web4You can help your company with Facebook and Instagram marketing, visit Facebook and Instagram Ads or our Digital Marketing Services page.

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