Digital Marketing

We are a full-stack digital agency located in Toronto. As a company that has been in business for the past 15 years, we have seen the changes in advertising and have adapted to this change. The old methods of advertising such as newspaper, TV commercials, etc. have become obsolete and the new wave of advertising is all focused on digital marketing (using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram).

If you plan to grow your brand in order to compete with competitors or become a global player, investing in digital marketing services is going to be crucial for your success!

You might have a plan to grow your brand into a global player or need to exceed competitors, you might be launching the startup or boost awareness of your product. We have a decent experience doing all of this.

Marketing services we offer

Digital Marketing Strategy

The creation of the digital marketing strategy is based on performing an analysis of your business, competitors analysis, segment selection and buyer’s persona creation in order to discover the best ways to reach out to your audience. We create a marketing roadmap for you and your business, centered around providing as much value to your consumers.


  • Marketing Roadmap
  • Digital Presence Development
  • SEO Plan
  • Paid Advertising Plan
  • Influencer List
  • Email Marketing Plan
  • Media Outreach Plan

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Content Marketing and Content Promotion

Content marketing is all about creating engaging content that is unique to your business and that provides value to your customers. This is by far one of the most under-rated components of marketing, which has the highest level of ROI, that many companies are falling short on because it requires a high level of creativity and intelligence.

Content marketing includes the creation of the information for the website, landing page, blog and other channels. We search for the industry-relevant keywords and season keywords, trendy topics and queries that your customers are interested in. Our team create compelling content, publish it on various sources and distribute in via special platforms.




  • List of industry-focused keywords
  • List of trending keywords
  • Content for the website/landing page
  • Content Calendar for the blog
  • Social Media Content Plan for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other pages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After 15 years of doing SEO, we have seen the changes with SEO over the years and have adapted to it. Currently with the new algorithm Google has released, SEO is becoming more and more difficult for companies that are not aware of these changes and are stuck to old methods of SEO.
Our company helps to do on-site and off-site SEO. As a result, this, along with other marketing activities, helps to better rank your website on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other Search Engines.

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Social Media Marketing

We are leading competitors in social media marketing because we understand each and every different social media platform and have perfected our knowledge of how to create engaging content specific for each platform.

We specialize in creating content for all social media platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. however we do not use all platforms for every client. We have the ability to help you increase your reach on all social media platforms, however we only focus on the ones that are beneficial for you and your business based on what will bring you the most immediate and fast results (increased followers, engagement and most importantly increased sales!).


  • Created/Updated social media pages
  • Social Media content calendar
  • Text and visual materials
  • Publications on social media pages based on the plan
  • Community management

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the easiest ways for your startup or business to get consistent traffic and develop a high level of trust with your customers. It is focused on getting industry thought leaders to promote your business with their followers.

The most challenging part of influencer marketing is actually finding influencers that are relevant to your business or has a following that is close to your target audience.

Negotiating a deal for them to advertise your business is also another tough aspect.

Due to our long list of companies that we have worked with and our connections to some industry-leading influencers, we are able to offer high-level value to our clients!



  • Buiding Trust through Influencer Marketing
  • Improving Brand Awareness
  • Reaching Your Target Audience
  • Driving Purchasing Decisions
  • Boosting Reach & Visibility

Paid Advertising

Online advertising helps you to boost awareness of your product or service as well as drive revenue. Depending on your budget, we create a marketing plan that is unique to you and your business, with our main focus on getting you immediate results with the budget you are working with.

Our team has expertise in runnin paid advertising on

  • Google Search Network
  • Google Display Network
  • Social media pages – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • Q&A platforms, such as Quora

Email Marketing

Our company will create email marketing strategy for email marketing campaign. We will research your audience and decide on the most influential message to send them. We will create a message, include CTAs and add visual materials. We will deliver the message and track the performance of the campaign. To maximize the results we will adjust the next campaign to reach your business goals faster and more effective.


  • Profile creation in email marketing tool
  • Creation of the audiences
  • Email campaigns schedule
  • Message creation
  • Visual materials creation
  • Performance report

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