5 Marketing Tips for Your StartUp

startup marketing

Nowadays, starting a business is something every person with a passion is doing, especially since it is so easy to do so. You can create a blog, website or youtube channel and start selling your own products to people across the world. Despite it being so easy to start, one of the hardest parts when starting new is marketing.

Getting your product in front of the eyes of the target audience can be challenging especially when you do not have the budget to spend thousands of dollars on Facebook or Instagram ads. However, there are still many different strategies and tips that new startups can adopt in order to get their message/product in front of the right audience. Startup marketing is difficult but here are a few steps on making it easier and more efficient for you.

Step 1 – Choosing your audience

Instead of marketing your product to everyone, it is a better idea to understand the right audience for your product. This can be better understood by mapping out exactly what problem does the product/service solve and who is directly impacted by the problem. It is always better to have a very niche type of audience that you market to, as this will help save your money but also will get you the clients that are actually interested in your service and are willing to pay for your product/service.

startup marketing
5 Marketing Tips for Your StartUp

A great way to get a better understanding about what is your main target audience is to use surveys and polls on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get the thoughts of users about your product/service. This not only is cheap, and most of the time free, but it can drastically help you better prepare ads and content directed to the right audience.

This can also be useful for creating a list of keywords that you can use to attract the attention of your audience and increase engagement on your posts. A list of 5-10 core keywords that can be used to describe your startup is a great way to share what your business is about in a few words. Your core keyword list should be based on your value proposition. Always ask yourself, what should someone search on Google to find your startup?

Step 2 – Metrics and Budget

Vanity metrics can make it look like your startup is successful, in most cases, it is not accurate. Your marketing metrics should be tied to measurements that are related to growth and sales, this is the only way you can measure actual increase or decrease in terms of numbers. If you are not paying attention to the flow of money into and out of the business, you essentially have no idea whether or not you are in profit or loss, and this has been the case for many startups until they had to file for bankruptcy.

Specifically, in terms of startup marketing, you need to have the numbers for everything that is being done in order to acquire new customers. Knowing how many calls are made in a day, or the amount of money spent on ads in a day and how many clients are acquired through either one of these practices can help you determine which strategy is the best and useful to your unique startup.

Another important thing to keep track of is your budget. You need to know how much money you are spending too different marketing objectives and which are actually bringing in clients compared to those not being beneficial at all. Having the accurate metrics for your startup and keeping track of every little detail (such as a number of calls made vs meetings scheduled) can help you as a startup in which marketing strategy is the most beneficial and deserves a higher budget.

Step 3 – Actively use social media

Startups tend to have a habit of jumping onto every social media platform without any strategy specific to each platform. The most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. However, each of these platforms is different from one another and therefore needs a strategy unique to each. Instagram is a place for short-form content (1-minute videos) that is straight to the point whereas Youtube is a place for long-form content with more explanation (averaging around 10 minutes videos).

social media marketing
5 Marketing Tips for Your StartUp

Also if other similar businesses are using specific social media platforms, it does not mean you have to use those platforms as well. Once you clearly understand who your target audience is, only then can you create content specifically for them on particular social media platforms. Example: If you are trying to sell a brand new car and you post ads on Instagram targeting every age range, then you might get some clicks but the majority of your money is going to be wasted. On the other hand, if you use Instagram to target your ads to car enthusiasts within specific age, such as 25 to 35, then this will help get you more conversions and essentially save you money by targeting the correct group of individuals rather than everyone.

Step 4 – Create a Blog

Setting up a blog on your website is a great way for your website rank higher on Google (SEO Optimization) and all you really need to do is set up the back-end of the blog with a few plugins (for WordPress) and then optimize the design for the blog to make it appealing to your audience. A great plugin that you could use is Yoast, which is an SEO plugin that will help Google and other search engines go over your blog posts and rank them based on creativity and importance. Setting up the back-end for a blog post is very simple, especially since WordPress has online videos going over the entire process. Other plugins that are worth downloading include Akismet, Calendar and featured posts.

The visual component of the blog post is sometimes just as important as the content of the blog posts. If your blog is not visually appealing or has ads all over it which prevents readers from reading properly, then readers are more likely to go to a different blog. Here are some questions you can ask yourself about your blog,

  1. Is my call to action clear and distinguishable from the rest of the blog post?
  2. Can readers search up different blog posts?
  3. Are sharing options mentioned at the beginning/end of the post? (to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)
  4. Do you have the option for a blog subscription and RSS feed option?

Step 5 – Reaching Out

Sometimes it is difficult to run a startup and focus on all the different aspects of the startup such as marketing, finance, products, customer care and many more. With everyone being glued to their smartphones, digital marketing has become essential to have your business expand and get clients. This is why it is so important to be on social media platforms and to have a marketing strategy that is unique to you and your business, allowing for specific and relevant content being uploaded on appropriate social media platforms. Social media marketing can be difficult because not everyone is familiar with the lingo used on these platforms and how to correctly run ads on these platforms.

digital company
5 Marketing Tips for Your StartUp

Many businesses run ads and have their money go down the toilet because they are not skilled in using these platforms to create engaging ads that are targeted and draw in the attention of users while getting them to convert. This is why hiring a marketing agency, such as the one here at Web4You, is so beneficial because it allows you as the owner of a startup to not have to worry about learning and figuring out marketing for your business. The team at Web4You, have been doing social media marketing for the past 5 years. Through the use of target marketing, we assure our clients that their business will be in front of the eyes of their ideal customers, allowing for increased conversion.

In conclusion, startup marketing can be difficult when you have a limited budget and are not sure of what you are doing. Knowing who your audience is, allocating the right about of budget towards marketing and being social on social media platforms are just a few different ways to market your startup.

Online marketing can be one of the best ways to get your product in front of the right audience with a small budget if done correctly. Our advice is to have a marketing agency to manage the digital marketing strategy, channels and promotional activities for your startup, allowing you more time to focus on improving and building your startup.

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