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Facebook Action Guide for Your Biz. Part 2

In our desire to help businesses on their first steps in Facebook we’ve already created Facebook Action Guide for Your Biz. Part 1. Today we are going to continue. Here it is – the second part.


If you are going to create event you should know it is hard to tell everybody in the world about. After you’ve created one, Facebook system allows you just to invite your friends, not even Page Fans! The event may get on the roll just in case it is really interesting, so that friends will invite friends and so on. It is the good method for manifestation to gather.

Landing pages

This is an additional feature of Facebook company pages. See Mozilla Firefox and TripAdvisor landing page for understanding. Landing is a page which you see at your first visit to the page and which tell you the reason you should “like” it. It is not necessarily to create one, but it may increase the level of your fans however. (more…)

Facebook Action Guide for Your Biz. Part 1

You may find a plenty of information dedicated to social media presentence of your company. They will teach you basic principles of how to follow up your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page. Unfortunately, just a few of them will provide you step-by-step guide in social networks world. It’s like telling a child “go!” without showing how. So if you are already familiar with basics of Social Media Marketing, here is first part of our guide of what to do if you have decided to move your brand to Facebook.

Sign up as a person

Facebook doesn’t allow brands and companies to create user profiles any more. Companies have two ways – create Brand Page or Group to communicate with customers here. But just a real person may set up those brand profiles. So if you are still not in Facebook – sign up and try to get as many friends as possible (we will open the secret later). (more…)

SERM – What Is This and Why You Need It

Have you ever have unsatisfied customer? Off course, you have. It is hard to realize any business nowadays that may stay 100% perfect. Everyone commit mistakes and your staff is not an exception. As for me, the main task for any company is not being perfect, but being able to manage with customers which have got complaints.

In the era of web 2.0, that implies quick sharing through internet, managing with complaints has become much more complicated task. Why? 20 years ago if you have one unsatisfied client, you reputation would fall in his and probably his friends and family eyes. Now if you have one unsatisfied client, he will go online and share his bad experience working with you in social media, on his blog and forums. In point he finds support in online community, the information will circulate in the web until you do something or your reputation will be totally lost. (more…)

How We’ve Created Google+ Company Page

Last week Google+ has announced big news – from now you may create not only personal page, but also Google+ brand page! Many bloggers already predict its success mainly because companies will be able to divide their fans to different circles. For example, national store chain may post local news and they will be shown just to people, which live in this location.

There are many other advantages of Google+ over Facebook that are related to brand presentence. But we would not stop on them, you may read about them here We would like to dedicate the post to much more interesting thing – step-by-step guide of how to set up Google+ page for your company.

Here is how we have created Google+ page for Web4you Inc. (more…)

Learn Basics Of Social Media Marketing

There are a lot of social media “pains” which trap small business members on their way to effective social media presence. Today we are going to present few tips that will help you in overcoming these factors.

1.    Set up the goals

Everything you do must start with setting up the goal and social media marketing is not an exception. Would you like to increase your website traffic or make more sales? Would you use SMM like a part of SEO or brand loyalty strategy? You should also understand your customer profile before jumping in social media ocean.

Set up goals and keep them in memory every time you are going to post something. Your social media followers must understand the purpose of each action they are involved by you.

2.    Decide on Social Media (more…)

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